Arbitrage Betting: The Best Method for Sports Betting

There are numerous ways to ensure you have the best chances of winning with every bet you place. Most of such techniques have benefits and drawbacks depending on your betting strategy at an online casino.


Arbitrage betting is the best method with theoretically no risk of losing. It is the best method to apply when playing online casino games. High chances to win.

What is an Arbitrage Betting Method?

In sports, arbitrage betting occurs when a bettor places multiple wagers on the same event to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome. Usually, it happens due to many sportsbooks providing various odds for the same event.

Arbitrage Betting is called arbs betting, sure bets, miracle bets, and sure wins. It is best to apply at an online casino.

It is a strategy where you place bets with various online casino bookmakers to include every result of a sporting event, assuring yourself a profit.

In Arbitrage Betting, being a successful arber doesn’t require a thorough understanding of sports. The key is to look for opportunities.

How to Locate Arbitrage Betting Opportunities at Online Casino?

Your ability to find arbitrage possibilities can be aided by software and bots. But instead, we’ll look at a manual method that is both quick and tedious in online casinos for finding arbitrage betting.

As for the procedure:

  1. Find a sporting event with two possible outcomes using an odds comparison website like Oddschecker.
  2. See which bookmaker is offering the best odds for each outcome.
  3. Examine the odds to see if there is a chance to profit from arbitrage betting at online casino games.
  4. If so, figure out how much each bookmaker will want you to wager in terms of individual stakes.
  5. Put your bets in order.

Let’s examine a particular instance of a sure bet based on the mentioned method to clarify this procedure further.

Let’s imagine we go to Oddschecker and decide to watch a tennis match between India(1.18 highest with Boylesports) and New Zealand (7.00 highest with SkyBet). 

Why did we become interested in this game? Well, allow us to provide the table below, which shows a general idea of the odds you’re looking for to perhaps spot a sure bet.

After noticing that 1.18 and 7.00 looked like potential arbitrage betting by looking at 1.20 and 6.00 above, the next step is to calculate whether the odds represent a sure bet in online casino games. Luckily, plenty of online calculators do all the hard work for you.

Why Is Arbitrage Betting Not More Well-Known?

Profit margins on arbitrage betting typically range from 1 to 5 percent of the initial stake. As a result, it’s difficult to “win big” unless you’re making significant bets at online casino games. It’s not worth your time if you only place $10 bets.

Will a Sportsbook Punish Me for Arbitrage Activity?

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Most of the time, yes. Arbitrage betting is seen negatively by sportsbooks. Simply put, sportsbooks consider that anyone who uses their lines to ensure a profit is cheating.

Most of the time, gamblers wind up putting an excessive number of winning wagers on one sportsbook. Any bettor who wins over 50% of their bets reduces a sportsbook’s revenue. Sportsbooks naturally maintain heightened security because the bulk of arbitrage bettors make extra-large wagers due to the low profitability.

Eliminate and identify arbitrage bettors, and numerous sportsbooks collaborate with one another via shared security servers. 

Sportsbooks have the ability to refuse service to anyone (as long as doing so doesn’t go against that person’s constitutional rights), just as online casinos are prohibited from allowing professional card counters to gamble.

I encourage you to read the sportsbook terms and conditions before proceeding with this betting strategy, like an arbitrage betting method. Study everything that is needed to study.

You can see that sportsbooks forbid arbitrage betting by reading the small print of their terms and conditions. It shouldn’t be shocking if they prohibit or limit bettors who engage in this behavior.

You’ll see that many sportsbooks clearly state that their services are only meant for “recreational use” or “recreational bettors.”

Most sportsbooks will have terms and conditions with similar guidelines, saying that “recreational” bettors are their only target audience.

How Frequently Do Sportsbooks Catch Arbitrage Betting Method?

Getting an apparent response to an arbitrage betting method can be challenging. Sportsbooks sometimes withhold the specifics of their strategies and business procedures, but there is no doubt that arbitrage bettors are subject to retaliation from sports betting sites like online casinos.

What Are the Actual Repercussions of Being Caught?

If a sportsbook suspects you of arbitrage betting, they will notify you that there has been unusual activity on your account. You will then claim that because you are a “professional” and not a “recreational” wager, you have broken the sportsbooks’ terms and conditions.

Tips and Tricks to be used on Arbitrage Betting to Avoid Restrictions of your Sportsbook In Online Casino Games

Good to say, there are some possible ways for bettors to prevent their sportsbook from being banned or restricted. Even though there are some ways to do that, I’m not saying that you and your account are not vulnerable or safe from being caught. 

These are some tips that bettors can use to significantly increase their chance of avoiding restrictions on accounts by using arbitrage betting methods.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN makes that possible by encrypting your Internet traffic for users to send and receive data over the internet anonymously. VPNs achieve this by generating random IP addresses inside a more extensive network.

A VPN anonymizes the data you send over the internet, similarly to how a firewall safeguards the information on your computer.

Rounding Up or Down on Bets can be Profitable in Some Cases.

If you are already using some arbitrage calculators for making arbitrage betting at an online casino, you’ll notice that the formulas frequently specify unequal and exact wager amounts.

Let’s say, for instance, a specific calculator makes you bet for $100 and the other for a figure like $102.57. Sportsbooks will note this, especially if a bettor starts to win consistently. It’s simple for sportsbooks to detect arbitrage betting by looking for particular bet amounts.

Therefore, you can round up or down the amount if you are betting on a specific sum or number. For example, if a particular calculator showed you $102.57, you could round it up for $103 or round it down to $102.

The less predictable your rounding up or down is, the less likely your sportsbook will flag or notice you for odd behavior or uncertainty.

A Longshot Bet that will Surely Lose

Sometimes it’s beneficial to place a wager with a low likelihood of success. It may be anything from a distant future bet to a long-shot prop wager on an MLB game.

We wouldn’t advise anyone to make careless bets in an online casino to lose under any other circumstances. The bettors who utilize this method have significant investments in arbitrage betting. No matter how tiny a wager they fail, it reduces their bankroll.

However, it doesn’t harm to make a $10 bet that is predicted to lose if they stand to gain over $100 on an arbitrage betting. Although they would only make Bettors who make $90 instead of $100 in profit are less likely to have their accounts banned or limited. It’s worth it to have more chances to arbitrage bets later on.

Consider the $10 you lost as a long-term opportunity cost.

Limit your withdrawals and deposits as much as you can

Your sportsbooks’ risk management department will ask many questions if you keep withdrawing and depositing money to fund arbitrage possibilities. 

The highly suggested trick you can use is to make a large deposit in your account and use that money to place some series of bets. In that process, it will minimize the chance of being caught. 

Making your bet count is one of the skills you need to consider if you want to become a professional arber at an online casino.

Even though you are skilled enough to do it, you still need the discipline to adjust your schedule and stick with the plan. Make sure it does not affect your job, family, social status, or savings.

Using an Arbitrage Betting Strategy is just one of the many strategies. You can freely choose and use any strategy you want. Always remember the do’s and don’ts, and you can make bets anytime you want with the peace of mind.

Apply the methods now to online casino games.

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