Crazy Time Result, RTP, and Strategies 2022

Learn what the Crazy Time Result 2022, winning strategies, & return to player is in this post. Discover the minigames for the new live casino Crazy Time game. 

Crazy Time is a live casino game that you must play. In the middle of 2020, the game developed by Evolution Gaming was made available. Players eagerly anticipated it, and as soon as it was launched, it became a tremendous hit. This game is another huge success for the well-known casino games studio, following live game show Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, Top Slot, Coloured Flapper Deal or No Deal, and Mega Ball with exciting bonus games.

About Crazy Time

Crazy Time has been available for more than a year as of the time of this writing. We frequently play this game, and it’s obvious that we just can’t get enough of it! It’s always so much fun, whether it’s for a few quick spins or a longer session.

This game is a tiny gem of originality and creativity that came directly from Evolution Gaming. Each minigame offers a unique experience and is diversified. The hosts are excellent as well, and they communicate with the players in the chat in a fantastic way.

crazy time result

How to Play Crazy Time

When you first start playing Crazy Time result 2022, you are presented with a vibrant game board that has a huge wheel in the center. After participants have put in their wagers, the game’s host spins the wheel. There are 54 sections in total, and the bet multipliers are 1, 2, 5, and 10. Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time are the other four mini games that appear on the wheel once or more.

The betting area is located beneath the wheel and features a variety of boxes. You can wager on the coin flips of 1, 2, 5, 10, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. You have the option to wager on both the bet multipliers and the mini games/bonuses.

Here is how a game of Crazy Time strategy plays out. Players have a brief window of Time to put their wagers. One of the wheel’s bet multipliers or mini games receives a random multiplier (between x2 and x50) whenever bets are placed by a slot machine mounted above the wheel. The game host spins the wheel simultaneously. If the wheel stops on one, your wager is returned to you and doubled by the bet multiplier. The minigame begins if it stops at one.

The Crazy Times' Minigames
At the conclusion of the previous paragraph, we discussed it. Let’s explore Crazy Time’s small games together.
Coin Flip

Coin Flip appears four times on the wheel and is the worst of the four Crazy Time bonus games. Just a coin toss between the two bet multipliers (represented by the colors red and blue). 

Your wager on this minigame has a multiplier range of 2 to 100. If the multiplier wheel landed on the coin flip, it might be multiplied even further. A machine flips the coin once the host hits a button. You receive the multiplier corresponding to the color of the coin’s face-up side.

crazy time result
Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt is a fantastic minigame that appears twice on the Crazy Time wheel. 108 bet multipliers are concealed behind symbols like cacti, gifts, targets, sheriff’s stars, rabbits, and a jester’s hat on a huge wall that you are facing. 

You can select the symbol yourself or let the game decide. The multipliers hidden behind the symbols are revealed after the allotted Time has passed. Good fortune!

crazy time result

Like the Cash Hunt, this bonus appears twice on the wheel. Behind the wheel is the Pachinko side game. A vertical purple wall with 16 boxes at the bottom can be found there. 

There might also be one or more “double” symbols, if you’re lucky, as well as random multipliers. Ascending the stairs, the host throws puck lands from the top of the wall. It lands in one of the boxes after bouncing off the spurs. You take home the corresponding bet multiplier. The puck lands is dropped again in the event of a double, which doubles all multipliers.

crazy time result
Crazy Time

The top bonus in this game of the same name is Crazy Time. You’ll see that it appears only once on the wheel. When this bonus activates, the host of the game leads you through the red door on the stage’s right side. 

There, with a massive wheel at its center, you will find a fantastic world fit for the largest theme parks. In comparison, the host is like an ant! One of the three colors on top of the wheel will have to be your choice. The wheel also has double and triple symbols in addition to the bet multipliers. 

Will you pick the color that has the best chance of hitting the multiplier?

crazy time result

Why Do Players Check Past Crazy Time Result?

Many gamblers and gamers hold the view that if a certain event hasn’t occurred recently, it will do so shortly. Or the occurrence of the event is more likely than a recent result.

For instance, if the Crazy Time bonus rounds are supposed to appear once every six games but haven’t in 15 spins, you might be concerned that one could think that a bonus round is “due.”

The Gambler’s Fallacy and/or the Fallacy of the Mature of Chance are two names for this misconception.

Regardless of the game, this is the foundation of every result tracker. They are designed to assist the player in placing a wager on an event that is more likely to appear based on what has already occurred.

The money wheel doesn’t actually remember prior outcomes. Each new spin will have its own effect that is independent of all others.

It is incorrect to presume that any correction is due to occur on one of the following spins, despite the fact that the law of large numbers states that the outcomes will eventually even out. The Crazy Time Bonus Round will be activated twice consecutively; it could as well be 150 spins from now.

Probability, statistics, and math all function. However, complications arise when an incorrect conclusion is reached.

How Does the History of Tracked Results Looks Like?

As you have observed in the screenshot above (which was acquired from, the Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time bonus rounds haven’t been activated in a while. The only bonus among them that has recently been activated was Coin Flip.

Many players would interpret this to mean that since bonus rounds are predicted to be triggered every sixth spin, it is now appropriate to place a wager. The next bonus round is more likely to be Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time than Coin Flip, and it would seem.

This isn’t true. In fact, on the next spin for that concern, the four bonus matches will have exactly that probability of getting provoked:

These chances aren’t influenced by previous spin results or the time that has elapsed since the last happening of the crazy time result.

These chances will be the same in the spin after the Crazy Time game was provoked and will be the same if the Crazy Time game has not been provoked in the last 1000 spins.

What are the Benefits of Stats Trackers?

There is a use for Crazy Time stat trackers that gamers can take advantage of. By studying past results, you can obtain a sense of how the game operates. Over the long run, they typically support the game statistics, but in the short run, they might be very different.

For example, the average victory of each of the four bonus rounds can be seen in the screenshot above, giving you a clearer idea of what to anticipate while playing Crazy Time.

While Crazy Time is the most lucrative bonus round triggered the least frequently, Coin Flip pays the least and is the most commonly triggered bonus round. Pachinko and Cash Hunt ought to be comparable.

All of this knowledge is useful, but don’t use it to anticipate the result of the next spin.

Crazy Time Result Trackers

There are numerous Crazy Time stats trackers available, and they all display part or all of the information below.
data sources.

  • Spinning history
  • current top multipliers
  • best victories
  • How many spins have been made in a row without a result?
  • How many times did the outcome occur in the last 24 hours?
  • Theoretical and real occurrence frequency comparison
  • a record of every bonus round victory’s earlier outcomes
  • the typical prize for every bonus game.
  • The Biggest Wins Throughout History

If you want to know how Crazy Time works, this information is useful. It might be harmful to your gambling.
Let’s say you attempt to forecast the following spin using statistics. No outcome may ever be considered “due.”

Crazy Time: Top Tips Strategy

Remember, Crazy Time is a game of chance, just like any other casino game. Although this article offers some advice on how to play Crazy Time, bear in mind that it is primarily a game of chance. You may play smarter by using the advice in this article. There is no plan that can ensure victory every Time.

You can use the following three crazy time strategy when playing this game:

Low volatility strategy

Low Risk: The “10-5-2-1 strategy,” covering 83.33% of the wheel

Your objective is to keep your losses to a minimum and extend your session as much as you can. For instance, many players use it while placing a bet. This is the procedure. 

You wager on the 10, 5, 2, and 4 numbers as well as the four bonuses. Make an effort to evenly distribute your bets across the several boxes so that each one pays you when a number is called. Here is an illustration of a bet spread. The total bet, in this case, is 9.80€. If you want to place a larger wager, you can use this model and double up once or twice.

Medium volatility strategy

High Risk: The “Bonus Hunter strategy.” covering 16.66% of the wheel

Here, a bit more risk-taking is intended than in the earlier tactic. Here’s what we advise doing to accomplish this. In addition to the number 2, you can wager on the minigames. Why 2 instead of 5 or 10? Because the 2, it is statistically more likely to fall because it is significantly more prevalent on the wheel.

High volatility strategy

Ultra High Risk: The “Crazy Time Strategy,” covering 1.85% of the wheel

You presumably know what to anticipate with this strategy if you understand the first two approaches well. This risky tactic seeks to place a wager on good fortune and anticipate a swift profit. Here, the goal is to wager exclusively on the mini games consistently. You will be awarded if a minigame appears soon and achieves a favorable multiplier.

To ensure that your session lasts as long as possible, remember to update your bet to reflect your current balance. It would be way too hazardous to use the high volatility technique while your balance is low. Everything could be lost in the flash of an eye.

The RTP of Crazy Time Result

The areas you bet on, the bonus games that are triggered, and whether or not they trigger with multipliers all affect Crazy Time’s RTP. However, the Crazy Time RTP is 95.41% when the time period is limitless.

The average (RTP) Return To Player percentage for each Crazy Time wheel section:

crazy time result

The Odds of Crazy Time Result

Knowing the Crazy Time chances will help you anticipate the likelihood that each time the wheel is spun, one of the eight eligible areas will be hit.

crazy time result

Responsible Gambling

When done carefully, gambling can be enjoyable, but long-term losers include everyone who plays against the house. When you succeed by accident, this rule does not apply. Gambling doesn’t earn money. There isn’t a single method or system that can turn you into a successful gambler because you’ll always be playing against the odds, giving the casino a statistical edge. Play responsibly, please.

Any strategy, particularly the Martingale, Fibonacci, or other sorts of betting techniques, is strongly discouraged for our readers to try. In neither Crazy Time nor any other casino game.

The risk you’re willing to take will have a huge impact on your player balance and how long it will survive when using the Crazy Time Live methods on this page.

Wrap Up

Before we finish, it’s important to mention that you still have options for enhancing your Crazy Time experience. For instance, you can employ live casino bonuses, as we indicated earlier.

Additionally, it would be best if you never undervalued the significance of live casino money management. Managing your cash correctly is essential for all forms of online gaming.

Last but not least, be sure to locate the top crazy time casino for the game. Visit our website to find the best casino in India.

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