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Crazy Time

Have you tried playing the Crazy Time Game?

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This article will show some strategies to apply while playing the Crazy Time game. We will show you some strategies to maximise your gains when you are on a roll, while keeping losses at a minimum if you are on a downswing

By examining the payoff table, odds, and probability, you will learn how to play Crazy Time and the best betting approach here.

What is Crazy Time?

Evolution created the live casino game show “Crazy Time.” which includes a 54-slot money wheel in the Dream Catcher fashion segments. Cash prizes on the wheel range from 1x to 10x and four completely different bonus rounds: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, and Coin Flip.

Without a doubt, Crazy Time met the expectations. Five unique games that are all in one are unlike anything we have seen before.

We compare it to a supercharged Monopoly Dream Catcher. It is “the most well-liked live internet game show, with over 10 million” 1,000 players playing at once.

The game is hosted by a presenter whose task is to spin the wheel and participate in the bonus rounds, describing how it works and enhancing the entertainment value of the Crazy Time game.

This game has a decent return on investment (RTP), and you can increase your chances of winning by using professional tactics!

Crazy Time Betting Strategy

There are numerous stages in the game Crazy Time and a lot of activity.

Since bonus rounds offer the most significant payouts, most players prefer to pursue them, but any effective Crazy Time strategy will centre on the “number of bets.”

The “numbers” are the most common winning combinations on the wheel. What makes them more desirable is that they are eligible for multipliers from the top slot, meaning that winning combinations can be quite good.

The bonus bets, Coin Flip and Pachinko, appear to offer the lowest returns, followed by Cash Hunt and Crazy Time.

You can’t play Crazy Time if you want a quick fix because it is a highly volatile game. The action is so fast and furious that you ought to have a strategy going into the game to avoid getting lost in the action and possibly losing all your money in the process.

However, if you play the game strategically, you can expect to make money by taking advantage of the volatility in the short term and know that your choices are the best ones within the game.

How to Play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a challenging game that requires an effective betting strategy; thus, learning how to win there is more difficult than you’d like.

The best way to play the Crazy Time is to take it seriously, be aware of the odds and probability, and discard any notion that a particular result is “deserved.”

In Crazy Time, you’ll win more frequently if you wager on the highest likelihood of success or if you cover a large portion of the wheel.

If you place a wager on each bonus round, for instance, you’ll cover 9 of the 54 segments, corresponding to an estimated success rate of 16.67%, or once every six spins.

I have found that combining minor win bets with betting on bonus rounds yields the best returns.

Betting Time

You choose the wagers you want to place before the gaming round begins.

You can bet on every position on the betting grid or a specific subset of them. The playing interface has a few “Bet All” buttons.

There are two buttons on the wheel—one for the number segments and one for the bonus segments.After 15 seconds of betting time have passed, Crazy Time begins.

Crazy Time

Top Slot Spin

The host begins to spin the main Crazy Time wheel when the betting period is over. The Top Slot spin starts at the same time.

The two halves of the success line on the slot machine must line up horizontally for the Top Spin game result to be valid and for the Multipliers to carry over to the main game.

The chosen multiplier is activated for the main wheel spin if they do.

Top Slot offers the following multipliers up to a maximum of 50x: 25x, 20x, 15x, 7x, 5x, 4x, 3x, and 2x.

Crazy Time Wheel and Segments

The 54 segments of the money wheel each have a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus game symbol.

Four Coin Flip Segments are available: two Cash Hunt, two Pachinko, and one Crazy Time.

Every sixth spin, on average, results in a bonus round, but you wouldn’t bank on it.

The presenter spins the wheel to begin the Top Slot spin once Betting Time has ended. Each spin starts going the other way from the previous one.

The moment the wheel stops, one of two things will happen.

  1. Those who bet on that number will win if the wheel stops at that particular number. The reward increases when multiplied by the Crazy Time Top Slot value if the number has a Top Slot multiplier activated. The match is over, and betting begins anew.
  2. When the wheel ends on one of the bonus round segments, the bonus round begins. The bonus round is only accessible to players who have active bets. All other players will observe the bonus round.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

The Coin Flip Bonus begins when the wheel stops on one of the indicated bonus segments. Crazy Time players who have put a bet on the segment are qualified to take part. The action will be visible to other players as it happens.

The Coin Flip bonus round probably appears the most often because it takes up the most segments on the wheel—four in total.

The coin flip will result in a prize for you.

Each of the Crazy Time Red and Blue sides of the coin is given a random multiplier at the beginning of the game. The ideal situation is for both to be respectable, but whenever I’ve played, usually one is high, and the other is low.

Following that, the presenter inserts the coin into the Flip-o-Matic device. Players receive the multiplier associated with the color of the winning side of the coin, which is the one facing upward.

This maximum coin flip multiplier is 100x but when you take into account the maximum Crazy Time Slot multiplier of 50x carrying over into the round the Coin Flip Bonus Feature, it theoretically has a maximum payout of 5000x.

If the assigned multipliers are too small, a Rescue Flip might happen. After the initial flip, there is a rescue flip. A second flip that doesn’t involve placing another wager is requested of the Crazy Time presenter.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round Strategy

Two Crazy Time wheel segments feature the Cash Hunt bonus game.

A shooting gallery called The Cash Hunt features 108 randomly generated multipliers that scroll across the screen. You don’t know where these are because they are covered in Crazy Time symbols and then mixed up!

Your task is to search through the random symbols on the screen for the largest multiplier you can discover.

To select one, you use your mouse or finger to aim before firing a cannon at the symbol of your choosing.

The Crazy Time game selects a target for you if you don’t choose one before the deadline.

As the symbols fade from view, your multiplier prize becomes visible.

The interesting thing is that each player will experience a different result depending on the symbol they select. The max payout from the Cash Hunt feature is 100x but when you take into account the maximum Slot multiplier of 50x carrying over into the round the Cash Hunt Bonus Feature, it theoretically has a maximum payout of 5000x.

Pachinko Bonus Round

The Pachinko Bonus feature has 16 drop zones at the top, and 16 prize multiplier zones are at the bottom of the big pegged Pachinko wall. The goal is for the “Puck” to move down to the prize zone while hitting pegs along the way and, ideally, landing in one of the highest Multiplier Zones Crazy Time.

Each reward landing zone in the Bonus Round has multipliers or the phrase “Double” added before it begins.

The speaker ascends the steps behind the board and shoots the puck into the Pachinko wall randomly from a chosen drop zone.

Until it reaches one of the prizes, Crazy Time the puck moves down the wall, changing course as it bounces off tiny pegs.

The value of all the multipliers in the other zones is doubled if the puck lands in a prize zone that has the word “Double” on it.

The announcer picks up the puck again and makes a second drop from a zone that is chosen at random. A maximum multiplier of 10,000x may be attained throughout this procedure, or the puck may drop in a prize zone containing a Crazy Time multiplier.

The game round is over when the puck enters one of the prize zones with a multiplier.

When the puck lands in a zone with a reward multiplier between 2x and 4x, it may trigger a rescue drop. When this happens, the presenter will once more shoot the puck into the Pachinko wall. The game round is over when it arrives in a prize zone with a multiplier.

Crazy Time Bonus Round

The game’s most lucrative round is the Crazy Time Bonus Round. There is just one Crazy Time segment on the main wheel because of the substantial win possibilities.

A large and virtual Crazy Time Wheel is accessed when the presenter accesses a red door. Before each gaming round, the wheel includes 64 segments loaded with multipliers, doubles, and triples.

You select one of the three colored flappers (Blue, Green, or Yellow) that are placed at the top of the wheel to begin the round. You win the prize for the section where your flapper halts when the wheel stops.

The Crazy Time multipliers rise in value if the flapper stops on a Double or Triple. For the players who are using that colour, the wheel is spun one more time. When the flapper lands on a multiplier piece, the game is over.

Adding multiple doubles and triples can achieve a maximum Crazy Time multiplier of 20,000x.

Crazy Time – Optimal Playing Strategy

Most folks are curious whether there is an optimal strategy for playing live Crazy Time.

There are parts of the game where you have to make decisions; it is more interesting. Some of those decisions may be based on probability, some on your bankroll, and still others on your past experiences.

The bonus rounds are the focus of Crazy Time. You must have a wager open on one of the bonus-round slots on the betting grid to be “in it to win it” when portions are given multipliers, the fun begins. When these multipliers appear on the bonus portions, there is the possibility of winning “huge money.”

You can only hope that doubles & triples are spun on the enormous Crazy Time Wheel after the Crazy Time segment has a multiplier since this will result in higher rewards!

You won’t frequently strike a “huge win” because the game’s bonus rounds tend to give out little wins, ranging from 5x to 25x. 10,000x wins should occur roughly once per month.

How You Should Bet

Betting on a number that appears the most often would seem to be a simple choice regarding a betting strategy for Crazy Time

As there is not much difference in the RTP between the numbers, you should place bets on numbers that, when struck, have the ability to cover your bets on the bonus feature Crazy Time bets.

Winnerguides Recommended Strategy

  • Number 5 ₹20 (wins ₹100 when hit, for net win of ₹40)  
  • Number 10 ₹20 (wins ₹200 when hit, for net win of ₹140) 
  • Pachinko ₹10 (chance of a big win) 
  • Cash Hunt ₹10 (chance of a big win)  
  • Coin Flip ₹10 (chance of a big win)  
  • Crazy time ₹10 (chance of a big win) 

This strategy covers 20 out of 54 segments of the wheel, so you can get small wins more often, while maintaining. Total investment per round of ₹80, high rollers can adjust the Crazy Time bet sizes in the same proportion accordingly.

Crazy Time RTP, Probability, Odds, and Maximum Win

Crazy Time‘s theoretical return to player (RTP) ranges from 94.41% to 96.08%, with an average RTP of 95.41% across all wagers.

According to Crazy Time analysis, the game is volatile, so expect some dead spins and small wins while waiting for your spectacular payday when you do hit the Crazy Time bonus feature

The game’s design aims to provide players with the excitement of regular bonus rounds. Betting on bonus rounds is essential if you want to play Crazy Time successfully because they produce the most significant wins.

The table’s Hit Frequency column displays the likelihood of hitting each Crazy Time wheel section.

The likelihood is the same for every new turn of the wheel. What happens next is unaffected by the results of previous spins or how many spins have passed since an event last happened.

The Crazy Time bonus round should be the most lucrative because it has the potential to award the largest win—up to 20,000 times the original wager. The largest win to date was 12,500 times on the Cash Hunt bonus round in January 2022.

Crazy Time offers a limited payout depending on the multiplier, the maximum multiplier you can get is x20000. It is set at this amount because there is a chance to win enormous sums when the Bonus Round from the Top Slot procedure has an active multiplier.

Where to Play Crazy Time?

You can play Crazy Time at most of our partner casinos listed on winnerguides. Feel the fun and excitement while playing Crazy Time with your friends and family.

For more information on which are the best casinos you can play Crazy Time at, check out our winnerguides casino review page.