Kelly Criterion Method: Is it a Trustworthy Sports Betting Strategy?

Do you like playing casino online games?

Wanna know some effective strategies to win while playing?

This article will guide you through strategies to play online casino games. Here, you will discover some methods and betting systems that will give you a chance to succeed. One of them is the Kelly Criterion Method.

What is a Sports Betting System?

A Sports betting system is the term used to describe a betting system. Their aggressiveness and objectives can vary; some offer significant earning potential by increasing bets while on a winning streak, while others work by limiting losses. It is according to sports betting dime.

Other options include confidence-based tiering systems. There are conservative options and the steady hand of wagering the same amount regardless of confidence.

Depending on your goals for sports betting, each is a possibility. Out of the many betting systems that can be used and make your way of winning possible, there is one method that can provide a better chance of winning while having less chance of making a significant loss.

The Kelly Criterion Method

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What is the Kelly Criterion Method?

The Kelly Criterion Method or Kelly Method, is a formula used to calculate the position in which it maximizes the gains or profits while minimizing losses.

It is intended to increase a person’s efficiency by increasing their likelihood of winning the wager when the odds are primarily in their favor and assisting them in minimizing losses when the odds are against them, preventing them from taking unnecessary risks.

How does The Kelly Criterion Method start?

American scientist John L. Kelly created the Kelly Criterion Method in 1956 while a researcher at AT&T’s Bell Labs in New Jersey. Kelly initially designed the formula to aid the company with its issues with long-distance telephone signal noise issues.

As time went by, the betting community later adopted it. It recognized its usefulness as an ideal betting system since it would enable players to maximize the number of their winnings.

What is the advantage of knowing the Kelly Criterion Method?

Kelly Criterion method can give you an upper hand in every particular case you can experience in the future.

This simple equation is sometimes described as the advantage over the odds. It gives you an “edge,” meaning having an advantage over something. If you have heard of the phrase “having an edge,” it is something like that.

As opposed to this, the odds determine one’s possibility of winning. Typically, a “good bet” is one with an advantage, and the probabilities are on their side.

How Can I Use The Kelly Criterion Method?

The equation can be expressed as a simple formula of the Kelly Criterion Method as follows:

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Kelly Criterion Formula Example


The probability of getting a 1, 2, or 3 when a die is thrown is 50%; the probability of having a 4, 5, or 6 is also 50%.
Let’s say that there is a 60% chance that the dice will land on a 1, 2, or 3, which means that there is a 40% chance that it will land on a 4, 5, or 6. These are the variables that it can use:

B = 1
P = 0.60
Q = 1 – 0.60 = 0.40

With the following given, we can use these and apply them to the Kelly Criterion Method:

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Kelly Criterion Formula Example

As a result, the formula advises investing 20% of your bankroll and 20% of your portfolio. The Kelly Criterion Method suggests betting 6% if it reduces the bias of the dice to 53%.

According to the Kelly Criterion Method, it is possible that one would eventually go bankrupt if they consistently exceeded 20% on a low number. On the other hand, under-betting by less than 20% would result in a lesser profit; therefore, following the Kelly criterion will maximize capital growth over the long term.

Let's try using The Kelly Criterion Method in Sports Betting:

Let’s assume that a particular person is betting on an IPL (Indian Premier League) game. The game he wants to bet on is between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians. The Kolkata Knight Riders have 2:3 odds in their favor in this game. The bet costs the person 50 rupees, but the potential winning bet is 100 rupees, or a 2:1 risk/reward. With the following given, we can come up with this equation:
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Kelly Criterion Formula Example

Based on the outcome of the equation, the winning odds will be 0.505, or 50.5%. Since the equation produces this percentage, it will have a multiple or greater reward chance than the risk, which is a 2:1 ratio.

The Kelly Criterion Method states that she should stake 50.5% of his\her account on the wager. Based on the notion that it has a more significant multiple or greater reward than the risk, this figure is calculated (2:1). The program uses that data along with the fact that it has a 67% chance of succeeding in the trade to generate and advise a greater bet size.

Keep in Mind While Using The Kelly Criterion Method

The Kelly Criterion Method approach is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to estimate the size of a position. Here are some considerations for utilizing the formula:

  • Even though the Kelly Criterion Method is one of the best approaches to be used as your betting strategy, it also has its downside. You will appreciate it more when you use it on a long time basis.
  • If the outcome of the equation is a negative number, then you must avoid placing your bet on it. It also gives you a result you can use as a basis mathematically, and it is not in your favor.
  • One of the main benefits of adopting the Kelly criterion method is finding out how position sizing might change depending on a balance between risk and return.
  • Learning to incorporate it into their plans is one of the hardest things for gamblers and investors.
  • Remember that the formula’s effectiveness depends on the probabilities entered into it. It will throw off the formula if the input values are wrong, rendering the technique useless.


You can use many methods and strategies to ensure your winnings every time you play. You need to study everything first, strategize on things you need to do and work your way to winning for long-term playing. Still, the Kelly Criterion Method is one of the best to apply while playing online casinos.

Be vigilant and mindful every time you play. Be sure that it will not affect your lifestyle, and be dedicated to pursuing better ways to make your lifestyle easier.

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