How to Play and learn Teen Patti: In Just 8 Steps For Beginners

Accept your cards – The game’s dealer distributes three face-down cards to himself and each player clockwise. 
Trail/Set/Trio is the best hand- Three cards of the same suit or color (for instance, A-A-A or 9-9-9 of a diamond, heart, and spade). 
Pure Sequence / Straight Flush is the second best hand – Three cards of the same suit and color in a row (for instance, A-2-3 of hearts or K-Q-J of clubs). 
Sequence / Run / Straight is the third best hand – Three cards of different suits in a row (for instance, A-2-3 or K-Q-J of a spade, heart, and diamond). 
Color/flush is the fourth best hand – Three cards with the same suit and color, but not in any particular order (for instance, A-K-K of hearts or 9-4-3 of spades). 
Pair is the fifth best hand – Two identical cards regardless of color or suit (for instance, A-A-9 or 5-5-J). If he calls, the two players will show their cards, and the one with the highest hand level will win the entire pot. Learn more on how to play Teen Patti.

Source: Wishes, W. (2022, June 8). How to Play Teen Patti: In Just 8 Steps For Beginners.

Teen Patti is one of India’s most played card games, with its origin here itself. It is one of the most played card games that you will come across. If you have just started to play Teen Patti and can’t get a hold of things, stick to the end of the article to know the desi card game inside out. A player would need a minimum of three and a maximum of six players to play Teen Patti. 

The game is played using a traditional 52-card deck. A dealer must deal with the cards while playing Teen Patti. You, as a player, can play either blind or by seeing your cards. To start the game of Teen Patti, each player must place their first bet. 

Mentioned below are the top variations of the Teen Patti game: 

Card, Color, Bust

It is one of the most exciting variations. In this Teen Patti variation, the dealer deals four cards instead of three to all the players. Learn and Play Teen Patti more.

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High Card: A hand in which the three cards are not in the grouping, not in any different way suit, and no two cards have a similar position. On the off chance that two players share a typical high card, the following most elevated card is utilized to decide the winner. 

The game and betting: A dealer is picked arbitrarily, and cards are managed between the players alternating around the table. Everyone is to manage three cards, and the boot is consequently deducted from every player and added to the pot toward the beginning of the game. 

Players can take a gander at their hand before wagering (playing seen) or leave their cards face down on the table (playing blind). Blind players can click “see” to see their cards whenever during the game. When Blind player sees their cards, they become a seen player if they are a blind player (you have not taken a gander at their cards). 

Dealing cards: Teen Patti rules consolidate a dealer who bargains three cards to all players amassed at the table. 

Playing Blind or not: Players have the chance to play blind (which implies that they don’t get to look at their managed cards) or even to take a look at their cards before the play. If the current and the past player play blind, at that point, the marked worth remaining parts as before as the present worth saved at the pot can also be served. Play Teen Patti and learn more.

Source: Staff, I. (2021, January 18). Easy Steps to Learn & Play Teen Patti. 

The betting begins with the player next to the dealer, with three cards down for each player. During the game, the pot will grow and will then be won by the player with the best three-card hand on the table. When you play teen Patti, know that every player will contribute towards the boot money and will get 3 cards to face down. The player has an option to bet without seeing the cards (also called “blind”). But if the player sees his or her card, then he or she can play “chaal (chance)” or might have other options based on how the game progresses. A player placing a bet after seeing his or her cards is called a seen player. So, who among the players has the best three cards? Rules for Blind Player Blind play Teen Patti basically means that someone has not seen his or her cards and, by relying on his gut feeling, places a bet. 

In order to become a blind player, you shouldn’t see your cards. After asking for a show, the cards of both players are visible. For blind players who are next, the bet amount may be equivalent to the stake amount or two times the stake amount. As the rules of Teen Patti dictate, to be in the game, a seen player should play Teen Patti Side Show or Chaal if available. This game feature allows you to compare your cards with the ones of the previous player. But this can only be done if the previous player is a seen player and players are playing the game still. Learn more on how to play Teen Patti.

Source: Teen Patti Rules (How to Play 3 patti – Step by Step). (2021, November 26). 


What is the Teen Patti Card Game? Each player receives three cards in their hand and will have to bet on their value. The game is played just like poker, with the dealer giving out cards one at a time. Players must make a minimum bet before cards are dealt. Once all the cards are dealt with, players can make another bet if they wish.

Typically, players will want to look at their cards before making another bet. Once the final bets are made, players show their cards, with the highest valued hand winning. To play Teen Patti, you’ll need a few things, namely a deck of playing cards, and we’d advise some Poker chips.

If you plan to play Teen Patti down at the pub, making an excellent pub game, we recommend choosing some waterproof playing cards. If more players use this card hand, their value is based on the highest card. The player with the highest value card becomes the dealer.

Redeal if two (or more) players get the same card. Each player should receive three cards. Players can then decide whether to look at their cards or play blind. A blind player can look at their cards on their turn, but they will need to bet more to stay in the game. Learn Teen Patti more.

Source: MacQuaid, M. (2022, February 10). How to Play Teen Patti? Rules & Gameplay. 


The game’s goal is to construct the best hand, make it to the showdown, and be the final player at the table, similar to poker. Players who are blind can pay a fee to become visible and see their hands as the game develops.

One of the primary differences between poker and Teen Patti is that the latter can go on for an infinite number of rounds until a showdown or just one player remains at the table. 81-word summary.

Source: Teen Patti. (n.d.). (2022, September 10). Casino Top Canada. 


Have you ever heard of winning large thanks to a compelling entertainment punch? So, you may now play card games online and win real money, although card games are not a particularly novel idea. However, its change in the internet forum is unquestionably a big deal. Card games are a staple when the entire family gets together to enjoy themselves, especially at specific celebrations or festivals.

One of these well-known card games that are played worldwide is Teen Patti. A table of 10–12 people with lots of conversation and laughter creates a very nice mood. To play Teen Patti, just like any other card game, you must abide by specific regulations. You must also use precise abilities and strategies to win the game because that is its entire purpose. The Flush Card Game is another name for this poker variation.

Source: Modesta, M. (2022, June 1). Top 10 Tips & Tricks To Win Teen Patti Online. 



The following general advice will help you increase your chances of winning.

First off, keep in mind that the goal of the game is to obtain the best hand possible. Accordingly, you must constantly choose the best possible combination.

Second, try to keep track of the cards that have previously been dealt out. This can help you determine which combinations are more likely to happen and which ones are still feasible.

Lastly, don’t be hesitant to pull a bluff! As long as you use it selectively and only when you believe you can get away with it, bluffing may be a wonderful method to win hands.

Tips for winning Teen Patti

Listed below are some broad pointers that will improve your chances of winning:

1. Be mindful of the chances. You will be better able to decide which hands to play and which to fold as a result of this.

2. Play it safe. Play only powerful hands; fold all others.

3. Don’t bluff too much. If you bluff too frequently, your adversaries will figure it out.

Once you are familiar with the fundamental guidelines and the game’s logic, playing Teen Patti is simple.

Source: Shuka, S. (2022, August 10). How to Play Teen Patti – A Simple Guide. 


One of the most well-liked card games is Teen Patti, which is particularly popular in India and many other South Asian countries. While many individuals are familiar with how to play Teen Patti and have done so for many years, not everyone is. Naturally, Teen Patti attracts a lot of new participants.

Understanding the Teen Patti rules is crucial for new players to prevent losing games due to blunders or slow learning. To ensure you are fully informed before playing Teen Patti for real money online, look at the game’s main rules in this section.

Variants of Teen Patti Rules

Your education is incomplete once you fully grasp Teen Patti’s fundamentals. Additionally, a new aspect, this game has many variations, many of which are based on one or two rule adjustments.

New players must grasp the fundamentals and spend a lot of time playing normal Teen Patti to get experience. But it’s important to realize that you don’t have to abandon Teen Patti if you’re looking for something new once you finish this voyage; you may switch to another version.

It implies that whatever you learn will stay with you for the rest of your life, much like poker does for many players. You don’t need to leave Teen Patti if you want a different kind of game or one that requires more skill to play. As you learn to play Teen Patti, realize that this information will stay with you for a lifetime because of the available varieties.

Source: Teen Patti Rules >> Learn 3 Patti rules before you play the game. (n.d.). (2022, September 10). 


Teen Patti online is quickly becoming the standard card game at live dealer casinos. Maybe you’ve heard of the name, but you never gave it much thought. If so, you should read this article. Learn the rules of this classic card game and its history, and discover the significance of this unique poker variation.

What Is the Best Online Casino to Play Teen Patti?

You can find the ideal online casino that matches your preferences on several websites if playing Teen Patti online seems appealing. Visit a site dedicated explicitly to Teen Patti to learn more about the game’s guidelines and the top ten online casinos where you may play Teen Patti for real money or for free. Learn and Play Teen Patti more.

Source: Williams, J. (2022, January 13). Why You Should Play Teen Patti. (n.d.).  


The second, more severe drawback is that the card you pull from the discard pile is visible to your adversary. In some instances, this can reveal information about your opponent’s hand; it’s usually wiser to discard cards similar to those your opponent discards. Keep low numbers and discard your deadwood face cards if you want to get knocked early.

Following the advice above, your opponent might discard some high cards early on and give you the cards you need to finish a meld. The risk of holding high deadwood cards rises as the game progresses, and by the time the deck is halfway through, you should probably discard any deadwood face cards. Although there is a chance that the opposing player will undercut you, if you knock early enough, you will probably catch them with enough deadwood to score.

Source: Brown, S. Learn 7 Fast and Easy Strategy Tips for Gin Rummy. (2019, October 28). 


In India, many people like playing the card game rummy. To declare the game of Rummy before your opponent does, you must form sets or sequences (pure and impure). The best rummy strategy is: If the player doesn’t get a pure sequence, all rummy tips are pointless. Rummy strategy should only be applied following the formation of the pure sequence. Put these joker cards to use to create various sequences. One rummy tip would be to be familiar with the rules and sequence before playing, such as knowing whether a pattern in your game is 3 or 4 card sequences. Do not hang onto your cards while playing Rummy while you search for the best one. Rummy Tips & Techniques: 

How Do You Win at Rummy? There are specific rummy strategies that a player can employ to win a game of Rummy. The ideal rummy tactic enables a player to declare first and triumph in a game of Rummy with cards. When playing Rummy, you can group your cards into alternating groups to prevent confusion between cards of the same color.

Please keep track of the cards your opponent picks up and discards and the rummy strategy they employ. You can pick up rummy tips and tricks by watching your opponent play and figuring out which card they need. One rummy strategy is to discard cards that are near the open Joker. In Rummy, your pure and impure sequences can be created using four cards. In a game of 13-card Rummy, you can only build a maximum of two 4-card sequences. Remember that discarding pricey cards that don’t form a set or sequence is one of the most crucial pieces of rummy advice. Use these effective Rummy strategies to play and earn cash prizes.

Source: Rummy Tips & Tricks – Top Rummy Strategies to Win Every Game. Gamezy. (2022, September 21).


Putting your cards into combinations when you first start playing Rummy could be difficult. Targeting melds with the highest likelihood of success is the recommended course of action.

You can determine your chances of achieving particular combinations based on the cards in your hand and those on the table. If you can only keep two cards from the 7 of spades, 8 of spades, and 8 of clubs, for instance, and you’ve already used the 8 of diamonds in another run, you should choose to keep the spades instead of the other cards since you have two chances to win this way: the 6 of spades or the 9 of spades. You can only draw the 8 of hearts if you keep the two 8s.

Another common issue is knowing when to end a relationship to improve your chances elsewhere. Consider the scenario where you must remove items from a collection like the one seen here.

Source: The Experts at Dummies, Simple Rummy Strategy  ( 2017, January 31). 


Playing real money online rummy games will help you win big. Even though this is one of the riskier rummy strategies, many seasoned players have used it successfully when playing online rummy games for real money. Which approach should you take when playing online rummy for real money? 

When playing online rummy games for real money, using the printed joker and cut joker wisely to finish your impure sequences and sets so they may support your one pure sequence is the safest and most lucrative move you can do. One of the best rummy techniques and tips is to keep a close eye on the discard pile to make sure you earn cash rewards quickly when playing online rummy games for actual money.

Source: Rummy Strategies – Learn Rummy Strategies to Win Indian Rummy Online. (n.d.). Retrieved (2022, September 21). 


Most rummy players choose one of these strategies, but a select few skilled players can combine both and modify their play depending on the circumstances. When playing online rummy games, it takes skill to strike the right balance between an attacking and defensive strategy. A rummy player who chooses an offensive strategy must assault his opponents. A player using an aggressive strategy must be proactive and knowledgeable about all rummy movements. Dedicated rummy players must regularly monitor the cards their opponent chooses from the discard pile or throws away to master this strategy.

Although it is advised against overusing the same moves and rummy techniques to keep your opponent from anticipating your move, subservient players frequently use this strategy when playing real money rummy. Which strategy should a player of rummy use? So, try the other if you find it challenging to balance the two when using one of these strategies as a rummy player.

Source: Offensive vs Defensive – Which Rummy Strategy is Best For You. (n.d.). PlayRummy. Retrieved (2021, July 22).


In this article, you can learn all the information you need to enhance your winning chances and play roulette more regularly.

If you’ve never played roulette before, I’ll give you all the knowledge you need to get started and improve your chances of winning.

Do you already feel comfortable playing roulette?

If so, I’ll give you some useful advice on betting strategies and tricks that you can use.

Setting up the game correctly and having everything ready before you play, rather than when you play, is the key to increasing your odds of winning roulette.

This roulette guide is separated into multiple sections for the following reasons:

  • The “before” the game
  • While you’re playing
  • The betting methods

Consider each of these sections very carefully. You won’t know how to play roulette well unless you learn how to put the advice I’ve given you here to use.

Source: Can Bets and Strategy Tips Help You Beat Roulette and Win? (2021, January 31). 


A saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” This adage is accurate when placing bets on casino games results because significant wins require taking some chances. It also applies to the game of roulette, where luck determines whether you win or lose.

It is why many people mistakenly link this addictive game with risky gambling. But if you talk to an experienced roulette player, you’ll probably discover that they don’t want to take unnecessary chances. All casino games, including roulette, do include some risk, but taking measured risks is not the same as making snap judgments.

Source: Roulette Bets and Betting Patterns. (2017, August 1). 


Whatever betting and money management techniques you employ all meet the same end. The logic indicates that the casino will always win if every number on the wheel has the same chance of being chosen, the wheel is not biased. The technique may appear to be effective and may even do so temporarily, but if one of the numbers you have not bet on is drawn, you will lose, and the casino will get closer to its win estimate (2.7% or 5.26%).

In some systems, you might wager on 20 or more numbers. Given that you cover more than half the numbers, you will frequently succeed in this situation. However, if one of the numbers does not appear (which nearly always happens), you lose every one of your 20 bets. It frequently cancels out any prior victories.

Source: Kendall, G. (n.d.). Can maths help you win at roulette? (2016, November 29).


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