Monopoly Live Definition and Guidelines

Monopoly Live

Have you heard about the game Monopoly Live?

We came across this game while testing out new popular games as part of our research on the igaming industry. The result was a fun night filled with laughter and excitement as everyone on our team was cheering “Chance, Chance, Chance pleaseeeeee”.

This article will guide you on how to play and win on Monopoly Live.

It’s safe to say that Monopoly Live, a board game that plays out like a TV show, is one of Evolution Gaming’s most well-liked Live Casino games.

Why is it so well-liked, then? Why do players like it over other truly fantastic table games that first went live? You’ll soon learn that there are several factors contributing to its rising popularity.

Why is it so well-liked, then? Why do players like it over other truly fantastic table games that first went live? You’ll soon learn that there are several factors contributing to its rising popularity.

What is Monopoly Live?

First and foremost, Monopoly is one of the most well-known brands in the world. This board game brand has touched countless millions of players of all ages throughout the globe.

The moment the internet was created, this game immediately appeared online as a variety of video games.

Evolution Gaming, which pioneered the Live Casino game show segment, was the first company to bring this Monopoly live legendary board game to life online.

Due to the enduring appeal of the venerable brand and Evolution’s instantly recognizable enhanced features, Monopoly Live was an immediate success that took the thrill of a board game to a whole new level. 

Since everyone has a favourite board game from their childhood, the game was meant to become legendary among both new and experienced players.

It is a host-led game in which you spin a Wheel of Fortune containing components from both Dream Catcher and Monopoly. You are sent to the actual Monopoly action if one of your spins results in the bonus game.

The creator has created a virtual replica of the board game and Mr. Monopoly using artificial intelligence. As the Wheel of Fortune turns, you can see Mr. Monopoly excitedly anticipating the opportunity to act and provide you with multipliers or cash prizes. 

Depending on your actions, you can see him move on the board, and for the first time in your life, you can see what the small man might look like. That’s a huge plus and the realisation of a significant ambition for every Monopoly enthusiast.

Where is Monopoly Live Most Well-Known?

One of the most well-known live dealer games, Monopoly Live, was developed by Evolution Gaming and is accessible at practically all the Indian online casinos. It’s a fascinating and fun lucky wheel game that gives you the possibility to win up to 500 lakh rupees, or thousands of times, your initial investment.

The talkative game presenter who is there to increase the pleasure factor is the sugar on top of a very fun game. A chat feature allows you to communicate with other players as well.

How to Play Monopoly Live?

Play Monopoly Live in 9 Easy Steps

Here is a basic tutorial on how to play Monopoly Live. You may get the complete game guide straight after if you desire it.

Step 1: Open the Game

Open the game after registering and depositing at an Indian online casino that offers it. Uncertain about where to begin?

Monopoly Live

Step 2: Put your bets in

There are six main types of wagers available. Two bonus locations start a Monopoly Live board game bonus and four numbers that pay 1–10 times your wager.

Step 3: Turn the Wheel

The wheel, which has all the numbers, all the bonus places, and two additional sections with orange chance cards, will now be spun by the game’s host.

Monopoly Live

Step 4: Stops at a Certain Number

If you placed a wager on the number that the wheel landed on, you would be compensated with cash. Based on the payoff value of the winning number, you might win 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x your original wager.

Step 5: Take a Chance

A chance card will then either award you a cash prize based on your total wagers or multiply your winnings on the subsequent spin. The multiplier can double rewards up to ten times.

Step 6: Stops at a 2xRoll or 4xRoll

This will start the game’s bonus round, which is its primary selling point and consists of a monopoly live board. Either two or four dice rolls may be used to play the reward, and the wheel determines it!

Step 7: The Bonus Round

In the bonus, you travel across the board to gather cash prizes from different properties while attempting to stay away from fees and other undesirable places.

The property will often pay more the further it is from the beginning. Additionally, community chests and random card positions can result in wins.

Step 8: Rolling the dice

How far you advance on the bonus board will be determined by this. You can move a maximum of 12 positions and a minimum of 2 positions with each roll. If you roll two doubles, you get to roll again. If you succeed in passing go (lapping the board), all fresh monetary rewards obtained from properties will be doubled.

Step 9: Gather Prizes

You will receive the property’s monetary value when you land there. The stake you used to wager on the bonus position will be multiplied by this, according to the description (2 or 4 rolls). Before the bonus game, if a chance multiplier were hit, it would increase all bonus game winnings.

Complete Instructions for playing Monopoly Live Online

Monopoly Live is a straightforward game with a hilarious twist. Its focal point is a money wheel with a total of 54 places in 7 distinct categories. 

There are positions that, when bet on, can award you cash prizes and start a bonus game. Additionally, they can increase all of your potential rewards by multiplying them.

The various wheel positions, their numbers, and a picture of the wheel are shown below:

Monopoly Live
Monopoly Live

The Monopoly Live Objective

When playing Monopoly Live, the object of the game is to have the money wheel stop at any of the spots where you have wagered. You win by doing this. There is a lot more depth to it after all that.

To activate a bonus that is played very similarly to the well-known board game Monopoly Live is the true objective of the game. Large sums of money can be found here. 

The ultimate goal of playing Monopoly Live is to have the wheel stop at a chance location that can increase your payments by a win multiplier and then start the bonus game. This is where the biggest wins of the game happen.

Payouts and Available Bets

The money wheel in Monopoly Live has seven distinct positions, as previously explained and depicted. All of these are open to wagering, except for the chance card position.

Depending on the number you bet on, the numbers will award you a cash prize equal to 1, 2, 5, or 10 times your wager, whereas the rolls will start a board game reward with either 2 or 4 dice rolls.

All-wheel positions are shown below, along with the minimum and maximum bets and payouts:

Monopoly Live

As you can see, placing a wager on chance is not possible, but this is a bonus position. Let’s expand on that by moving on to Monopoly Live‘s supplementary features.

Benefits of Monopoly Live

We’ve now reached the motivation behind why so many Indian online casino players enjoy playing Monopoly Live: the bonuses, chance cards, and a board game bonus are both included in the game.

Chance Cards

This function is activated when one of the money wheel’s two chance card locations is reached. A chance card will then be selected, and one of the following two outcomes will occur:

  1. You will receive a small monetary award.
  2. You’ll learn a multiplier of up to x10.

What you desire is the multiplier. This will secure every wager you have made on the bet screen, and the wheel will then spin once more with increased payoff percentages.

The following is an illustration of how it might appear:

You can see how valuable this multiplier is. If you bet on number 10, you now have a chance to win 100 times your stake if you get the Chance card x10. But things get better from here.

If you land on another chance card giving a multiplier, the multipliers can multiply one another. Why does this matter? This indicates that the subsequent spin will now be increased by 100 if a spin that is awarded an x10 multiplier is followed by another stop at a chance card that does the same.

But our work is not yet done. Additionally, the multiplier will increase any rewards generated from the board game bonus of Monopoly Live if your next spin lands on the Rollx2 or Rollx4.

The Bonus Board Game

In Monopoly Live, there are two exact replicas of the board game bonus: two dice rolls triggered by the money wheel when it stops on 2xRolls, and one where you get four rolls, when you land on 4xRolls.

The board game bonus can only be accessed if you have placed a wager on the 2xRoll or 4xRoll bet, unlike the chance cards, which are an added element. 

When playing the board game bonus in Monopoly Live, you roll dice to manoeuvre across a Monopoly board. How much you win depends on where you land on the board. If you roll doubles(1+1,2+2,3+3,4+4,5+5,6+6), you will get another free roll.

You can land in one of 40 potential positions overall. Most of them will provide you with cash incentives based on your performance and your investment. Still, negative situations might put you in jail and take away some of your earnings (only profits obtained from the bonus itself).

Here is A Complete Explanation of Each Position in a Board Game:

Monopoly Live

The initial payout value for all real estate, utilities, and railroads is one hundred times your initial investment. The further away they are, the more they pay right away.

However, the bonus homes and hotels will initially be built randomly on sites that potentially increase these levels up to five times higher (and occasionally even slightly more).

All payout amounts will be higher if you complete an entire circuit of the board and pass go (which is the beginning position); they are doubled and increased.

Additionally, any chance card multiplier hit before the bonus will increase all payout values by the coefficient of the multiplier.

The following image demonstrates how all of this might lead to extremely large winnings in the bonus:

Volatility and Return to Player in Monopoly Live

RTP is a measure of risk vs. reward, and if you are familiar with it, you know that this value is crucial for your long-term chances of winning.

Monopoly Live

As you can see, placing a wager on numbers 2 and 10 will give you the best chance of long-term success due to RTP being the highest.

The 2xRolls and 4xRolls are a bit behind in RTP, but should nevertheless be wagered since they represent the game’s goal and have the most potential and the best chance of big financial reward.

Many seasoned online casino gamers in India believe that numbers 1 and 5 are particularly terrible, and we concur. 

They essentially are identical to numbers 2 and 10 but with a somewhat lower RTP. However, some players consider them valuable, as we’ll briefly describe when looking at gaming strategy.

We want to emphasise the fact that the board game bonus is highly volatile before we proceed. If you wager only on 2xRoll and 4xRoll, you will only get a bonus feature in around 1 out of every 13-14 game rounds.

Three Unique Monopoly Live Techniques

Due to the wide variations in RTP and volatility in Monopoly Live, several new methods have been developed that can appeal to various player types.

The three most typical ones are listed below:

Strategy 1: Place bets on 2, 10, 2xRoll and 4xRoll (the Average Joe Strategy)

This is the most common and typical tactic used by Indians and live casino players worldwide. It increases the RTP of the game without losing the enormous potential of the board game bonus. It’s a little erratic, but since the 2 are included, you can still use it and won’t lose it too frequently, so it’s not that horrible.

Here’s an illustration of what it might resemble:

— Bet 30 on number 2 (pays 90 if you win, with net win 10)

— Bet 10 on number 10 (pays 110 if you win, with net win 30)

— Bet 20 on 2 roll bonus (big potential profits)

— Bet 20 on 4 roll bonus (big potential profits)

In this case, your total wager is 80. You will always make money if number 2 or 10 is a hit, and you’re also likely to hit it big if you land on the bonus feature.

Strategy 2: Place every wager (the Chance Card Strategy)

The approach of betting on everything significantly depends on getting the chance card or bonus game. This is because your RTP is significantly less than 100% and as such you would have to get really lucky with the Chance Cards to be successful using this strategy. This is akin to betting on a slot machine and trying to get lucky.

Since the combined RTP is the lowest of all of them, it may sound like a poor plan, and we don’t believe it’s beautiful either. However, you are sure to profit from the chance card’s multiplier when it activates, unlike with any of the other options other two approaches. Its strength lies in this.

Strategy 3: Only Place Bets on 2 and 4 Rolls (the Lady Luck Strategy)

Since the bonus game is the only method to make money using this strategy, it is evident that it is pretty volatile. In fact you are betting on the 2 most volatile wagers in this game

Our own Strategy

At winnerguides, we have developed our own strategy through our testing of the game and although we do not claim that it will beat the house, this strategy will enable you to maximise your profits when you are lucky and minimise your losses when you are down on your luck.

Place bets with low, medium and high volatility, sustaining your capital in times of drought and make it rain when the bonus feature hits.

  • Low Volatility — Bet 80 on number 2 (pays 240 if you win, with net loss 10 )
  • Mid Volatility — Bet 100 on number 10 (pays 1100 if you win, with net profit 850)
  • High Volatility— Bet 50 on 2 roll bonus (big potential profits)
  • High Volatility— Bet 20 on 4 roll bonus (big potential profits)

The Game’s Interface and Live Experience

There is a little more to playing Monopoly Live than just the strategies, the money wheel, and the bonus bonuses. It is a live casino game that allows players to interact with other Indian players and players from across the world who wager online. 

We at winnerguides had so much fun playing it, we think it would be a perfect addition to any friends gathering where everyone can enjoy the entertainment value it brings to the table. Just fire up an ipad and login to one of our partner’s casino and you are good to go.

You can interact socially with other players through a chat and with the game host if you choose, making every wheel start to spin. The game hosts were selected by Evolution Gaming, the company that created Monopoly Live, highly animated and prompt in their responses to chat messages. They work very hard to keep players entertained.

This is online social gambling at its best, purely entertainment, just how gambling should be.

How Can I Play Monopoly Live on My Phone?

It functions the same on laptops and desktop PCs. The interface is the only difference, and the stream’s quality isn’t as lovely. Everything else is the same aside from that.

Which Monopoly Live Strategy Works the Best?

We highly recommend trying our winnerguides strategy to wager on the numbers 2 and 10 and on 2xRoll and 4xRoll. You can win from the board game bonus feature, which is the main draw of Monopoly Live, by accomplishing this while playing with the highest RTP possible.