Tips and Tricks to Win the Warcraft Roulette Game

Warcraft Roulette game

Are you familiar with World of Warcraft? Does playing roulette games bring fun to you? This article is for you to learn further if you’re looking for the best new way to play your usual Warcraft Roulette Game!

We present to you, Warcraft Roulette. This game is available everywhere, such as in Hobigames.

There are many games right now that apply the rules of simple roulette more innovatively. This Warcraft Roulette Game gives you a new way of enjoying this game and provides new gameplay that can make you hook up with this game! If you are a fan of roulette games, I’m pretty sure you will love this new type of roulette game.

What is a Warcraft Roulette Game?

The Warcraft Roulette Game is one of the entertaining games that Hobigames provides. If you know how to play Roulette or Car Roulette, then the Warcraft Roulette Game would be easy for you to pick up. Warcraft Roulette is a game in which you must guess which character the spin lands on to win. If you played Warcraft or are familiar with the world of Warcraft, the characters will not be new to you.

warcraft roulette game

There are many different sections where you can place your bets. Each section has its own assigned characters in it.

What are the Rules of the Warcraft Roulette Game?

Rules: You can bet on an alliance or tribe.

warcraft roulette game
warcraft roulette game

You can bet on a specific character icon. Each icon has its own assigned multiplier.
When a character icon with the attribute of Alliance or Tribe is opened, the alliance or tribe will also win the prize.

Panda Man (Male) and Panda cat man (Female) are independent areas, open either one, and the other will also win the prize.

What are the chances of winning with each character in the Warcraft Roulette Game?
These are the odds of each character in the Warcraft Roulette Game:

  • The highest odds you can win is the Panda Man (Male), which has a multiplier of fifty-one (51).
  • The next one is the Panda Cat Man (Female), which has a twenty-five (25) multiplier. Humans and Orcs have a multiplier of twelve (12). Dwarf, Dark Elf, Undead, and Minotaur have eight multipliers (8).
  • Lastly, Pygmy and Troll have a multiplier of six (6).
warcraft roulette game

These are some tips and tricks for every recreational player playing the Warcraft Roulette Game:

1. Familiarize the odds of each character that has a high chance of coming out.

These will give you an idea that the lower the multiplier, the higher the chance of coming out. The higher the odds, the lower the chance of coming out.

warcraft roulette game

2. Always bet within your limits

 When you are a recreational player, there is no need for you to bet every hand. Only bet when you strongly feel that the character you want to bet on will hit. The game is always there for you, but if you want to bet every hand, your chips might not last you that long if you go on an unlucky streak at Warcraft Roulette Game.

warcraft roulette game

3. Do your game research.

You can check the Warcraft Roulette Game’s history and study it for your benefit and analysis. Analyze each outcome per spin to know which I bet you will do next and use it as your future game strategy. Decipher your patterns, which might give you an idea of what to bet next.

warcraft roulette game

4. Don’t underestimate the power of the Panda.

If the Panda has not come out in a long time and you are feeling it, it doesn’t hurt to toss a bet on the Panda. Betting on the Panda box will net you 24x of your money if the female Panda comes out and 50x of your money if the male Panda comes out.

5. All in all, Warcraft roulette is a game of chance, and very much like slots, there is no strategy to predict which character will come out next. All you can do is trust your intuition, bet on the character you have an affinity for and hope you get lucky in this game.

I like to go for the Panda bet because the adrenaline rush of hitting a long shot is so rewarding that it makes the game exciting to play.

It is wise to observe responsible gaming, whether you are a horde or alliance fan. Games like these are pretty addictive, and be sure to set loss limits and profit targets for yourselves when playing online.


Enhance your skills by playing the Warcraft Roulette Game. Apply all the tips and tricks given for more chances of success.

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Enjoy and have fun playing the Warcraft Roulette Game.

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